Shelf Company Warehouse specialize in high volume, low cost new company registration and the sale of Shelf and aged companies online.

How to register your new company online.

After completion, submission and payment of your new company registration application, you will get an online confirmation and also an e-mail confirmation with your online registration  details, instructions and details.  Follow our easy and fast online company registration process by clicking here.

Company registration services offered:

  • We register profit companies, private, public & personal liability;
  • Share Block;
  • External Companies
  • Conversions (CC to Company, Private to Public Companies, Public to Private)
  • Non-Profit Companies
  • Special Resolutions;
  • Restoration of deregistered Companies & CC’s;
  • Tax Registrations (Tax, VAT, PAYE, Import/Export).

We also, for new company registration, draft Custom Memorandums of Incorporations for:

  • Private & Public Companies;
  • Home Owners Associations;
  • Share Block Companies.

All our new company registration includes:

  • Completed Company Register
  • Inaugural Minutes
  • Issuing of Share Certificates


Download Forms:

Download:  Adobe PDF Form    –   Download free Adobe reader here

Download: Microsoft Word Form  – Download Microsoft Word Viewer