“Good Company to keep”

In business since 1997, Shelf Company Warehouse registers by far the most Companies and Close Corporations in South Africa, with 12 branches country wide.

Our head office is in Pretoria, close to "CIPC" and the "DTI", where all "companies" in South Africa are registered.

Our directors and associates are lawyers and auditors, qualified to complete your company and "business registration" in a fast and professional manner.

With 89 staff members dedicated solely to the registration of companies, we are in a league of our own.

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What is a shelf Company?

A shelf company or "close corporation" is a business entity that was pre-registered. These companies/close corporations have no assets or liabilities and have never conducted business. These companies/close corporations were registered with the sole purpose of being sold. We supply all shelf companies/close corporations with a guarantee of having no assets or liabilities and never having conducted business. A "shelf company" is the fastest way of getting a business up and running. We can appoint the new directors within a day, enabling you to open a bank account and to start trading almost immediately.

Online Trade Mark Registration


  1. Please complete parts A, B, and complete and sign a Power of Attorney, and email the documents to us at info@pty-online.co.za, together with proof of payment. Post the originals to us at P O Box 35465, Menlo Park, 0102.

  2. If you require the Trademark to be registered in more than one class, kindly make copies of the Power of Attorney. Complete and sign a Power of Attorney for each Class in which you require the Trademark to be registered. (Download additional Power of Attorney’s HERE)

  3. Kindly mark services required.


We have to file a separate Trademark application for each international class of goods or services for which you would like to use your trade mark.
For example, if you manufacture and also sell cars, we have to lodge two trade mark applications:
One in class 12 for manufacturing of motor vehicles; and One in class 35 for selling of motor vehicle