“Good Company to keep”

In business since 1997, Shelf Company Warehouse registers by far the most Companies and Close Corporations in South Africa, with 12 branches country wide.

Our head office is in Pretoria, close to "CIPC" and the "DTI", where all "companies" in South Africa are registered.

Our directors and associates are lawyers and auditors, qualified to complete your company and "business registration" in a fast and professional manner.

With 89 staff members dedicated solely to the registration of companies, we are in a league of our own.

For a fast and efficient "online company and business registration" click here

What is a shelf Company?

A shelf company or "close corporation" is a business entity that was pre-registered. These companies/close corporations have no assets or liabilities and have never conducted business. These companies/close corporations were registered with the sole purpose of being sold. We supply all shelf companies/close corporations with a guarantee of having no assets or liabilities and never having conducted business. A "shelf company" is the fastest way of getting a business up and running. We can appoint the new directors within a day, enabling you to open a bank account and to start trading almost immediately.

Shelf Company Warehouse specialize in high volume, low cost new company registration and the sale of Shelf companies and aged Shelf companies online.

How to register your new company online.

After completion, submission and payment of your new company registration application, you will get an online confirmation and also an e-mail confirmation with your online company registration details, instructions and details.  Follow our easy and fast online company registration process by clicking here.

Company registration services offered:

  • We register profit companies, private companies, public companies & personal liability companies;
  • Share Block companies;
  • External Companies
  • Conversions (CC to Company, Private to Public Companies, Public to Private)
  • Non-Profit Companies
  • Special Resolutions;
  • Restoration of deregistered Companies & CC’s;
  • Tax Registrations (Tax, VAT, PAYE, Import/Export).

We also, for new company registration, draft Custom Memorandums of Incorporations for:

  • Private companies & Public Companies;
  • Home Owners Associations;
  • Share Block Companies.

All our new company registration includes:

  • Completed Company Share Register.
  • Inaugural Minutes.
  • Issuing of Share Certificates.


Download Forms:

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Download: Microsoft Word Form  – Download Microsoft Word Viewer